Choosing an ID Card Printer

Issuing employees with ID cards is a simple and affordable way to improve security in a business. ID cards are simple to produce, with businesses requiring only a digital camera, some simple software and an ID card printer. But how do businesses go about choosing card printers? Here are some tips:

What Will the ID Cards Be Used For?

The purpose of the ID cards and the level of detail they will need to have will determine the type of printer a business needs. Will the cards be used just for visual identification, or will they be used with an access control system? Will they be displayed to customers? Will they need to include encoded data? Make a list of required features before selecting a card printing machine.

One Side or Two?

Not all ID printers are capable or printing on both sides of a plastic card. If the ID cards need to contain a lot of information, a dual-sided printer may be necessary. The back of a card can be used to display an employee’s personal information, or to store a bar code or magnetic stripe. However, if cards are only going to be used for visual identification, a single-sided printer will probably be sufficient.

How Many Cards are Needed?

An ID printer should be able to withstand a business’ printing frequency. Will cards need to be reprinted on a regular basis, or will cards only be printed when a new member of staff starts? Different ID printers are designed to withstand different printing frequencies.

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