The Importance Of Firefighting Gear

Firefighters are tasked with the great responsibility of responding to emergency situations, facing danger head on and protecting the public. They deal with perilous situations on a regular basis including scorching heat, suffocating smoke and burning flames and it is essential that their gear is designed to handle this.

 A firefighter’s uniform symbolizes both authority and bravery, and is instantly recognizable from a distance; providing maximum protection, visibility and reassuring civilians wherever they are seen. Our brave firemen would not be able to do their job without top quality protective gear; therefore it is essential they purchase it from a certified, quality supplier.Poor uniform and tactical gear choices can prove disastrous; compromising rescue missions and endangering the lives of both firefighters and civilians.

It’s of the utmost importance that firefighters don’t compromise when  purchasing their firefighter clothing; they may be tempted by trendy labels or second-hand discounts, but in the end they should aim to buy quality durable gear that will assist and protect them during their duties. These days there are countless uniform brands and gear labels to choose from, but most firefighters recommend sticking to the more trusted and reputable brands rather than taking any chances.

These days, more and more fire service officials are finding that they can get the best deals online;saving them the time and hassle of traipsing around main street stores and shopping malls. There is a wealth of choice for tactical gear in Canada online and a lot of it is better value for money. Fire service officials require complicated kit that consists of many different elements, and one of the great things about buying from a quality online store is that you can get all of these in one place. Find out more on the Stokes International website, the recommended online store for tactical gear in Canada for fire fighters and law enforcement officers:

With almost 60 years of experience providing gear to the Canadian police and fire departments,Stokes International is the recommended choice for online clothing and equipment. Stokes International was founded by a WW1 veteran and all their gear is top quality and guaranteed to last.

They stock a huge variety of firefighter clothing, fire awards and fire decals. You can find all the quality gear you need at a great price, and most of it can be customized on their website to suite your individual needs. You can also save your order history complete with customization  making it easy to place repeat orders. Stokes provide a selection of useful videos and diagrams showing you exactly how to customize and place orders, and measure your clothing .

If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can always call one of their helpful customer service representatives who will help you assemble your order. Due to their experience and commitment to quality, both the Canadian Police and Fire departments have come to trust Stokes to provide police gear and fire department supplies. Major buyers like government ministries have also discovered Stokes and the military have found it a great resource for their tactical gear.

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