Benefits of Access Control

For the majority of businesses, security should be a high priority. If someone was to gain unauthorized access to a business premises, it could result in breaches of confidentiality, theft, or even put employees at risk. With an access control system, business can help ensure that their premises are as secure as possible. Electronic access control systems offer many benefits over traditional locks and keys:

One Card for Everything

When a business installs an access control system, they no longer have to worry about having dozens of keys for different parts of the building. Employees can be issued with cards which they can then use in access card readers to gain entry to the building. It is also possible to restrict certain parts of the building to certain employees. The same cards can also serve as identification and could be used with card readers to access electronic equipment like computers or photocopiers.

Easy To Deactivate

If the keys to an office building were to be lost or stolen, the locks would have to be changed and keys reissued. If an access card is lost or stolen, they can quickly and easily be deactivated so the card can no longer be used to gain access to the building. This can significantly increase building security.

Door Are Always Locked

With an electronic access control system, the problem of doors accidently being left unlocked disappears. Doors can be programmed to automatically lock when they close.

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