Effects of Dumping Garbage on Clean Places Without Garbage Trucks

Throwing garbage can cause land pollution that affects the human health and also causes serious health diseases. These dieses include several types of cancers.
The toxic material present pollutes the soil and gets into the human body directly by breathing in polluted dust and also by eating fruits and vegetable that have been grown in polluted soil.

One can avoid the serious effect of garbage dumping by dumping the garbage in the dump-yard. This can be done with the help of garbage trucks.

So, here the garbage trucks come into picture. A garbage truck is also known as dustcart or a dustbin lorry. The people those collect the garbage are called known as dustmen. Garbage truck of a dustcart actually refers to a truck which is especially designed for collecting municipal solid waste and hauls the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility center such as a landfill. These types of trucks are also known as rubbish truck, junk truck, bin wagon, dust bin lorry or bin van in other states whereas called as trash trucks in United states.

All garbage gets collected and goes through a very strict process and ends up in:

  1. Landfills.
    2. Recycling centers. 
    3. Composters
    4. Waste-to-energy plants.

You can find these facilities all over the country. For these type of wastes, we normally ask help from the professional people of a hazardous waste disposal company who will do the disposal instead since we all know that these are very harmful to human and environmental health.

How is garbage collected? and why trucks sound too loud?

Garbage is typically collected in a truck where it is collected and usually compacted in the truck.  The waste collector takes the equipments from the depot and the driver and the waste collector goes on collecting the waste according to their pre defined route. Later on, they empty the truck at the land fill.

Garbage trucks have their engine reviving even while at rest  to provide power for the lifts and compactors that deal with your waste. Both regular and dumpster-collecting vehicles are moving from one location to another only a few tens of meters away, so they commonly use lower gears and higher engine revs and don’t have the opportunity to change to higher, quieter gears.

In cities, the vehicles that collect dumpsters drive forwards to the dumpster, lift and empty, then back out to leave the bin behind. Reversing alarms are common and the engine is running at speed through the whole process.

If you see any one throwing garbage on the roads rather than dumping them in the bins, you can go and pick it up and throw it in the dust bins Everything has to be done right in front of the culprits eyes. Only then people will realize their mistakes.

It will surely make them feel ashamed. These people might try to ignore the scenario but it is very much important to point out their mistakes.

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