Wood burning stoves help save money and the environment too

It’s been a long cold winter. March was chilly, so too April. Those winter fuel bills are starting to drop on the mat in homes across the country. With energy prices only rocketing skywards, people are starting to look more carefully at how they heat their home. If they can do it more efficiently and save some money in the process then they’re definitely interested.

Wood burning stoves are popular in Scandinavia and they’re becoming one of the must have items for the home owning classes in the UK. An increasing numbers of converts swear by them. Word is spreading and their popularity continues to grow.

Why so? Oil and gas have become much more expensive and wood is carbon neutral. Home owners can enjoy the dual benefit of heating their home for less and in a greener way, but there’s more to this trend than that. Stoves help to recreate some of the charm of having a traditional open fire, but without the downside. There’s a certain rustic charm that they have that chimes perfectly with a period property.

Anyone interested in finding out more should get on the Internet to research them in more detail. There are already a number of specialist suppliers selling stoves online. They’re affordable and easy to maintain. It’s an investment that could soon start paying itself back in the form of lower bills. Great news if next winter is going to be like the one just gone. And they make a great centrepiece for any room too.

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