A Guide to Kneading Pizza Dough in Your Atta Kneader

Gone are the days when atta kneaders were used only for kneading dough for the traditional bread like chapatis, parathas and pooris. Today, people love to gorge on Italian delicacies like pizzas but are hesitant to order them from restaurants. The contemporary atta kneader comes with pre-programmed settings for kneading pizza dough as well. So, making pizzas right from the scratch at your home is no more a difficult task. Once the pizza dough is ready, you can roll it out and bake it to make the pizza base. Top up the base with your choice of healthy veggies, bake it and munch it delightfully.

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If we talk specifically about the pizza dough, it has four principal ingredients. These are flour, salt, water and yeast. With these basic four ingredients, you can create the gastronomic delight right at your home quickly and conveniently. Once you start using this appliance for your pizza dough, you will stop ordering from restaurants and popular pizza chains.

How to Make the Perfect Pizza Dough in Your Atta Kneader?

A good dough maker or atta kneader comes with pre-defined settings and the entire kneading process is automated. All that you are required to do is put the ingredients in the pan in the required quantity, close the lid and press the pre-programmed setting that says ‘Pizza Dough’. Using the instruction manual that comes with the appliance, you can get to know the exact quantity of ingredients that you need to place.

Now you can sit back and relax while the smart appliance takes the required steps to dole out the perfect dough on its own. You only need to collect the dough in few minutes once you hear the beep that it is done.

How to Customize the Ingredients?

You can even let your creative juices flow by customizing the ingredients. Instead of going for the basic dough, you can make different variations to it.

You can have a wheat pizza base using whole wheat flour instead of refined flour. You can even experiment with multigrain flour, which will enhance the nutritive value multiple times. If you are making pizza base for kids, you can add colour to it by replacing a portion of water with some beetroot or spinach puree. By the time your atta kneader is busy making the perfect pizza dough, you can prepare the toppings of your choice. The atta kneader makes it possible for you to have a completely customised pizza as per your taste and preference.

As the appliance is very easy to operate, you can ask anyone at home to run the machine. Involving kids makes it a family time too and they will be happy to make their own pizza base with this appliance, which is a one-touch automatic process.

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