How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business In Reaching New Heights

With bulk messages the essence is that communication with your customers improve. It is a platform where you can promote your business in a fast way. In a country where more that tooth brushes cell phones are utilized to address a gathering of people bulk SMS works out to be the best platform. To address a large number of people at a single go it seems to be the best platform. Let us now observe the major advantages of using bulk SMS for your business needs

High ROI in combination with minimum effort

Daily promotions with advertisement on print and visual media do cost a lot for small scale enterprises. In case of bulk SMS it can be set up at a low cost and execution expenses are less in comparison to traditional market sources. With exceptional yield with a cost effective bet, bulk SMS is something which is the future of marketing.

Open rates

Nearly 98 % of time SMS are opened by the receiver and actively pursued by them. The time frame is around 45 seconds. Nearly 20 % of the messages are normally opened on time around 48 hours. In your advertisement database if it is the most obvious source of communication, then opt for it by any means. It does make sense to send SMS from excel sheet as a lot of time is saved.

Flexibility and speed

The modern day organization needs to adapt to the smooth operations of the business world. To respond to the recurring changing economic conditions speed and flexibility is the key. With virtually zero time in case of SMS advertisement the message reaches out to be the intended audience within a matter of seconds.


You can customize a message at a personal level to a customer, and it is conveyed to the receiver in just a few seconds. It can be customized as per the socio economic status and purchasing power of the customer. You can model them as per area specifications. If you are looking to achieving personalization in other areas of advertisement it would cost considerably. Rely on SMS sending software from excel sheet and the message reaches to the receiver in just a few seconds. In addition it does create a positive impression on the minds of customers.

Exceeds target

Gone are the days where you intend to reach a target base in a random manner. This proves to be a futile exercise with a lot of money and effort going down the drain . An organization where costs are most important, it is really important that each advertisement is fundamentally focussed as you normally expect under a given situation.

To conclude, it is 5 times simpler in order to reach out to an existing client, rather than picking up a new client. A mass SMS campaign is the best way in reaching out to a targeted audience. It promises assured returns with less cost of investment as well.

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