What To Look For From Tactical Clothing

There is little that stands so closely to the fine line between protection and fatality as tactical clothing. It becomes useful often in the most life-threatening moment. As such, the advanced functionality of tactical and ballistic clothing cannot be underestimated, nor can it be compromised. Here is what you should look for from advanced tactical Armour:

To what degree does it offer protection? We could be talking about something as simple as the area of your body that lies protected. Does it offer the ability for upgrade and improvement, for instance can you enhance the vest using aftermarket neck and throat protectors?

It’s no good if your tactical vest offers a high degree of protection but fails in terms of ergonomics and usability. Is the vest lightweight, i.e. can it be carried comfortably, and how well does it react in tough situations? Does its design incorporate a release mechanism for quick removal?

On a similar note, how comfortable is the clothing? Does it incorporate a sweat management system? Much tactical clothing is used in warmer climes and tropical conditions, and so something like a sweat management system becomes a very important feature.

Tactical clothing is used by a wide range of military forces, police departments or special branches. As such, it need to be adaptable for a wide range of professionals, and it should be well equipped with pouches and hydration systems etc, whilst retaining that crucial protective quality.

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