Colour Matters when Choosing Curtains

Choosing curtains can be one of the most challenging jobs for the wannabe interior designer. It is perhaps so daunting because curtains are relatively simple, albeit large by surface area. Once installed over a window, they’ll represent a significant proportion of the overall surface area of a room, and so are a very important style factor.

One of the key aspects of curtains that you should consider is color. The color options for a curtain are more-or-less infinite, and online you’ll find curtains of every color imaginable: soft pastel colors, black curtains or patterned curtains.

So which Color is Best?

There are essentially two things to consider when choosing the color of your curtains: the first is the color of the rest of the room, and what colors would match what you already have, the second is current trends for colors  and whatever colors are being used by other homeowners to create stylish “in vogue” looks.

Contrast does work, however a safer bet is to choose colors that match the rest of you decor. So, lighter colors go with light colors  black goes with white etc. In fact, black curtains are very “in vogue” these days, and can really add to a modern interior.

You could write books about matching the color of curtains with the rest of your home; however, the best way is to take samples of curtain colors  and see how they work, in real time, in your home.

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