Finding the Perfect LBD

The purpose of the little black dress (or LBD, as it is often known) is to ensure that whatever event you’ve been invited to, whether it’s a dinner party, a date or an engagement soiree, you have something to wear. If you’re the type of woman that tends to panic at the last minute about what you’re going to wear to a particular event, finding that perfect LBD is essential. Here, we offer a few tips and tricks to help you do this.

Where will you wear it?

Firstly, think about the types of functions and events you tend to go to most often. Maybe it’s cocktail parties, birthdays or dinner parties. Whatever they happen to be, use them as your guide when deciding how simple or how sophisticated you want your LBD to be. For instance, if you often attend formal functions, you will most likely need going out dresses for women, which are perhaps a little longer and more elegant, whereas if the events you attend are a little more casual, you can opt for something that is both day and night-time appropriate.

If you’re looking for a versatile LBD that will work for almost any occasion, knee length is best. Then, the item can be dressed down with a blazer and some kitten heels during the day, or dressed up, with a statement necklace and sky high heels at night.

Think long-term

Try to avoid choosing a dress that includes any trendy details which are likely to date quite quickly. You want this dress to transcend the seasons. In addition to this, the perfect LBD should work with your unique body type, so consider the proportions of your body when shopping. . If you have a slim figure and want to create some curves, a bodycon dress, with panels which curve around the hips, waist and bust, is an excellent option.


In terms of fabric, try to choose a dress which is made from at least partially natural materials so that your skin can breathe. However, a lot of new synthetic fabrics are better designed than their older counterparts, so there’s no need to rule a dress out, just because there’s no cotton or wool in it. Ultimately, your budget will determine the fabric, as obviously, things like brocade, leather, silk and suede will be more expensive. If you want your LBD to last forever (or at least for several years), it’s advisable to spend as much as you can afford to, as this is an investment piece, which if cared for properly, can be worn hundreds of times.

Katherine Shepherd is a writer who offers tips and advice on things like how to create the perfect wardrobe and how to choose the right going out dresses for women.

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