Have a Heaven-Scent Wedding

If wedding bells will ring for you this summer, amid st the hectic planning you should consider how fragrance will complement the decor. And this isn’t confined to the scent the bride wears, or the flowers, but the ambiance created by candles and reed diff-users  Kate Middleton bore this in mind for her wedding when she chose specific aromas for Westminster Abbey.

Smell is an incredibly powerful yet often overlooked sense. And, of course, it is strongly linked with memory. So, in the years ahead, the merest whiff of the scent you used for your wedding venue will be enough to bring those happy memories flooding back.

A beautiful, fresh scent in your venue will set the tone for the whole day, particularly as your guests begin to arrive – if an invigorating scent greets them as they cross the threshold, it will promote a brighter, happier atmosphere. Following the service, once all vows have been exchanged, burning scented candles as your table center pieces is a fantastic way to complement the food and drink, whilst maintaining a fresh atmosphere.

Scented candles, room sprays or reed diff users can also help boost the romantic mood of the day. In particular, floral, light scents – such as white hyacinth – are perfect for summer weddings. For evening celebrations, sandalwood and vanilla-based fragrances will lend the occasion a sultrier feel.

Don’t forget luxury scented candles have many other uses if you are a bride this summer, from making ideal gifts for bridesmaids to helping you relax ahead of your big day. Go organic for a truly natural option.

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