Are Injury Solicitors More Helpful In Getting Compensation?

Following an accident, your first priority will naturally be to recover from your injuries as best as possible. However, many people who have suffered a personal injury find themselves financially disadvantaged because of it. The inability to return to work for months or even just a few weeks or days can send one’s finances to disarray.

If this has happened or has started to happen to you, then an option you have is to seek financial compensation for your injuries. In fact, in the United Kingdom, the law makes it very clear that if you have been injured through no fault of your own then you have a legal right to compensation. However, to get the compensation which you are legally entitled to, you have to make a claim. With regards to this, you have to options:

  1. Make a claim on your own behalf, or;
  2. Hire an injury solicitor to represent you.

Making a claim on your own behalf can only be recommended if you have past legal experience or if you are a lawyer yourself. The reason being that making a strong claim for compensation takes a professional tens of hours. So for somebody not clued up on the law, it will take considerably more. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you feel up to doing this, given that you are likely recovering from your injuries.

The benefits to hiring an injury solicitor

Hiring an injury solicitor to represent you, then, is the best route to compensation. A solicitor will manage the claims process for you from start to finish, and they will build you a compelling case for compensation to maximise the chances of success. In addition to this, when you begin your claim, you will not have to pay any legal fees. This is because your case will be processed on a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. These stipulate that you also should have no legal fees to pay during the claims process. So hiring a lawyer will not cost you any money. Instead, your lawyer will either recover their costs from the other side providing your case wins, or they will take a maximum 25 per cent of your compensation as payment.

Here are the five key benefits to hiring an injury solicitor:

  1. No legal fees to pay upfront nor during the claims process;
  2. Access to sound legal advice throughout your claim;
  3. Reassurance that your claim will have the strongest possible case;
  4. Access to medical coordination support services from your solicitor;
  5. Your lawyer will push for the maximum compensation possible.

Add these benefits together, and you can see why hiring a solicitor is the best option.

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