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Houston divorces that involve children often end up with custody issues being a contentious issue. A reliable attorney by your side is crucial whether you wish to work with your spouse on developing an equitable possession schedule or rely on the court to resolve the case. In the event of a custody dispute, a Houston child custody lawyer can assist you in protecting your child’s rights and interests.

Our attorneys ensure you receive the knowledge, experience, and insight of our entire team when you hire one of them. When necessary, Houston child custody lawyer advocates for the client’s best interests during a trial. We prepare for war so we can negotiate peace. To ensure you achieve a satisfactory outcome, we craft case strategies tailored specifically to your case.

A client-oriented firm, we focus on providing you with a customized approach to handling your case. Your needs and goals drive our firm. Most courts will award joint custody to both parents, which means each will have a certain level of contact with the child. The process does not guarantee physical custody will be equally shared between you and your spouse but will ensure you have a say in certain decisions related to the child.

Upon being granted sole custody by a judge, a parent is granted the right to house the child and make decisions that are in his or her child’s best interests.In cases where the other caregiver is unfit, such as through substance abuse, neglect, and other problems, courts can give the parents sole custody.

Visitation rights are usually granted to the other parent if one parent houses the child. According to the specifics of the case, the schedule of visitation varies. When a custody dispute ends, you may be able to appeal the court’s decision. In some cases, if you demonstrate to the court that you have made positive changes in your life, you may be able to regain custody or visitation rights.

If there are multiple jurisdictions involved in a property division or child custody case, the process can be multi-layered and require the family to request assistance from multiple courts. In Texas, for example, property can be divided using the community property rules, but not all states organize property this way, making it more complicated to divide properties across different jurisdictions.

Known as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, there is a uniform law that streamlines custody disputes between states.In interstate child custody disputes, it clarifies some confusing issues by establishing the following jurisdiction rules. Child custody cases are filed in the “home state” of the child if that parent has lived there for at least six months before the case is filed, and not necessarily the child.

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