Kornati One-Day Tour From Sali, Croatia

Kornati is a beautiful island national park in Croatia. It is one of the top 10 places to visit in Croatia. It is advisable to check for the Kornati National Park is included in the list of tourist attraction places in your tour package. The Day Tour Kornati is enough to see the tiny islets island beach, sea cliff and tour inside this national park. It will be an amazing experience to see its geographical feature. Most of the islands are un-inhabited and look exotic. This is the best place to be in remote and enjoy the sun, sand and sea. The Kornati coordinates are 43°47′ North and 15°20′ East.

1-day Tour from Sali to Koranti

There are many one-day tour operators in Sali to take you to this exotic Koranti island. You will be traveling through a boat to reach this national park. The tourists can hire a standard cruise boat, speedboat, Yacht and standard boats from Sali, Croatia. It is advisable to check for the below mentioned Kornati tour excursions and inclusions before booking online. The tour packages to Koranti National Park differ with local tour operators and online tour packages.

Koranti National Park Entrance Ticket

This is a national park and there is entrance ticket for adults and children. You must check with your tour operator for the entrance ticket is inclusive or exclusive. It is advisable to book an all-inclusive Koranti tour package. This will save your liquid cash in the Croatia tour.

Food and Drinks

The Day Tour Kornati is mostly through sailing on a boat on the Adriatic Sea. The Koranti islands are mostly un-inhabited places. You can get eateries and drinking water inside the Koranti National Park. Yet, you can book a tour package with food and drinks. This is because while traveling through the sea will make your thirstier. Most of the tour operator arrange for food and drinks to its tourists inside this national park. They do serve water and snacks in the boat too.   

Single and Group tour to Koranti

A standard boat from Sali usually carries up to eleven members. If you are single or a couple, you will be merged with other tourist group in the same boat. Yet, if you are, a family with more than four members can hire a boat with your team only.  

It will be better to book a Day Tour Kornati with the all-inclusive package. This will make you free from last minute tension after reaching Sali. It is advisable to reach the boarding point a thirty minutes before the starting time of your journey to the Koranti National Park. Croatia is a tourist friendly place among the European Union.

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