Simple Engagement Rings Ideas For All Minimalist Brides

If wedding is on the cards, it is time for lots to do. From planning the wedding to deciding the wedding venue to styling the bride, there is a lot on the cards. There is the engagement ceremony too. And for the engagement ceremony to go well, we need simple engagement rings. These rings boast of subtlety and are yet sophisticated at the same time. Most of us feel that a ring needs to big so that it is seen by everyone. However, today we are more towards subtlety than going over the top as far as choosing the right ring is concerned. These are works of art and do not ever lose out on their essence. So, when you are choosing a simple engagement ring, do not feel that the choices and the customisations are limited. There is a lot that can be personalised depending on what your requirements are. Designs are plenty. So, when simplicity and subtlety come together and that too in the form of a ring, the result is sheer delight!

There are lots of designs you can choose from. There is the classic solitaire ring that is an all time favourite among couple planning to tie the knot. The minimalist design along with the diamond at the middle of the ring is sure to turn a lot of heads around. This kind of ring has been there for ages, but the simple nature of this ring still appeals to most. Not only is it stylish and elegant, it says a lot without having the need to flaunt its subtlety and sophistication. There are many kinds to simple engagement rings available when it comes to solitaires. Once you make up your mind that all you want is a solitaire ring, there should be no turning back. You should then decide on which gemstone you want, how the ring should be, what should be the shape of the diamond and the kind of metal the ring should be made of. All you need to do is to check out the varieties and then decide on which one you would want to wear on your wedding day. This ring is worth a thousand words and is as unique as you and the bond you share with your partner.

You could also settle for a bezel solitaire ring. In these rings, there is the absence of prongs. What you feel is a thin band of precious metals that covers the gem of your desire. These rings are the trendiest and give your finger a feel like no other. The gem is secure too and there is a lot that you can do with this kind of ring due to the absence of prongs.

With so many varieties of simple engagement rings available, you are surely spoilt for choice. The customisations are innumerable and you can have your ring whichever way you want. From the stone to the metal to the kind of design, it is all up to you. Simply decide on what you need and we are sure you won’t be disappointed by the elegance of these rings.

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