5 Things You Need To Know Before Having A Tattoo Removed

Whether you have been on holiday and got an embarrassing tattoo or you decided to get a matching tattoo with your ex, sometimes it’s best to have the tattoo removed. If you want to have your tattoo removed, don’t be embarrassed, as it’s really common for adults to undergo this procedure. So, what do you need to know before having a tattoo removed? We have compiled a list of the top 5 things that we think you will want to know before you say goodbye to that regretful tattoo, below!

#1 Cover Ups Are An Option  

If you were concerned that the process of having a tattoo removed would be painful, then you can choose between tattoo removal London and having a cover up. Despite tattoo removal getting rid of the tattoo for good, if you still want a tattoo but not the original, then cover ups are an option. If done correctly, these can look really good, however if you have a very dark tattoo then sometimes this can look messy and tattoo removal is more beneficial. 

#2 Not That Many Sessions 

If you really didn’t enjoy the pain of getting the tattoo in the first place, then you’re probably a little hesitant about getting a tattoo removed. However, you will be pleased to know that you will only need a handful of sessions for the unwanted ink to be removed. Due to this, you don’t have to endure a long period of pain. The laser used delivers short pulses of energy to shatter the ink, which is eliminated through the lymphatic system of the body, alongside other body waste. On average, you will need to have between four to eight sessions. 

#3 Forget About The Pain 

As previously mentioned, the pain of getting the tattoo removed isn’t as painful as getting the original tattoo. This is because laser tattoo removal is non-invasive, and the laser only targets the ink. Therefore, you won’t have any pain of it disturbing the outer layers of your skin. You may experience some bruising, itching and other pain after the tattoo removal, but this can be easily cared for at home. 

#4 Is It The Right Decision  

When making your decision about having your tattoo removed, you should weigh up both the pros and cons. Despite it being 2019, tattoos can be seen as unprofessional when you go for a job interview if they are on show. So, if you don’t want any hinders when applying for jobs, having a tattoo removed is a good idea. Today, there is still a high percentage of hiring managers who wouldn’t consider someone with a tattoo, even if they have the experience required. 

#5 The Location And Size 

If the tattoo was done whilst on a party holiday, it’s likely that the tattoo didn’t turn out exactly how you had it planned in your head, including the size and location of the tattoo. So, if it’s an embarrassing tattoo in an inappropriate location and bigger than you would like, tattoo removal is a sensible idea. 

Hopefully this has given you food for thought if you are thinking about having a tattoo removed. Weigh your options up and make sure you have chosen a professional company to remove your tattoo, so you don’t need any more removals or cover ups.

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