What Is Fingerprint Jewellery?

Jewellery is a fashion item that evolves over time and these days is used to commemorate special days in the life of people. This may be by the use of various gemstones, or by simply engraving an inscription onto a piece of silver. Sometimes these may be added to a bracelet in the form of a bangle or added to a necklace as a pendant. Historically lockets were used for the inscription of details and to hold the picture of a love d one.

As time has gone on fresh ideas have been offered and transformed into jewellery. One of these is to impress the fingerprint of your baby or young child into a piece of hallmarked silver and then to have this created into a piece of jewellery that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace. It will serve as a memory of your children when they were young. Inscriptions can be added to the jewellery including such details as name, date of birth or a short message. Maybe you would like to have fingerprint jewellery made and then keep this as present for your child’s eighteenth birthday?

An extension of the ideology behind fingerprint jewellery is etchasketch charms. This is through using a stamping process that will lift an impression of your child’s line drawings or doodlings and imprint them onto a piece of silver. On the rear of the silver you can have an appropriate inscription made.

These ideas do not stop here, as it is possible to have hand and footprint charms made in the same way as fingerprint charms. These are of course larger than fingerprint jewellery and cannot be attached to bracelets or necklaces, but are principally kept as mementos of a stage in a child’s life.

The forms and shapes that these charms come in can be varied according to your choice , but normally would be confined to a heart, circle, rectangle or oval. The inscription can be engraved in standard script or your own handwriting may now be etched on.

These charms ensure that you never forget the young years of your children.

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