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Want to know what an aerial palm tree effect looks like compared to a re loadable aerial mortar? Find out all this on the newly launched ACME website, which will inform you about all the definitions in the firework business.



ACME empowers its customers by offering information on firework types, the history of fireworks, safety information on fireworks and fireworks state laws. If you wish to make a comment or find out more by asking questions, contact an ACME representative through the online contact form and they should get back to you as quick as possible. You can buy fireworks from ACME Fireworks, who always make sure to keep their pricing competitive, meaning the customers gets world-class fireworks for reasonable prices.

History of Fireworks

Fireworks originated in Ancient China when they were known as fire crackers, used to ward off evil spirits. They then became popular in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, who was so taken with them that she created the post of Fire Master of England. Here they were generally used at official court events for display purposes. Today, America and China are the major producers of fireworks. A larger assortment to buy fireworks from ACME Fireworks is available today on the market from those that smoke, to fountains, sparklers, spinners and rockets. The labeling of fireworks was improved upon in the 1980s by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who made new regulations on how home produced and exported fireworks should have the correct information on the label in terms of item size and performance.

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