Common Health Issues In Women

Women always have some potential health risks and in order to prevent them, one always needs to stay cautious or keep them updated about their health.

What health issues to women can be a threat depends on what kind of lifestyles they mainly follow and what are the in general health issues that they keep facing more than men.

Here are some health conditions from which women can face issues and one should be aware of them.

Heart Disease

This is actually a very common thing when it comes to women and according to research; at least 27 percent of deaths occur due to this issue. One just needs to change their lifestyle in order to prevent or stay away from heat issues like quitting habits of smoking and following a healthy regular diet. Also, keeping oneself active by doing some exercise can also help.

Breast Cancer

This one is typically a woman’s health issue which mainly originates in the lining of milk ducts and then they spread to other organs. It is the most aggressive cancer which affects the global female population. Initially a woman suffering from breast cancers might get breast lumps though having a breast lump does not always mean that it is cancerous. But one needs to run a test immediately to make sure.

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

There are many people who are not particularly aware that there is a difference in between ovarian and cervical cancer. The cervical cancer mainly occurs in the lower uterus and the ovarian cancer mainly starts from the fallopian tube. Both these conditions though give rise to similar kind of pain and in case of cervical cancers it causes some discharge and pain during the time of intercourse.

Gynaecological Health

This is a very common health issue that almost every woman faces. There can be bleeding issues (heavy or very light) and some other added symptoms like frequent urination, bleeding in between menstrual cycles and many more. Women can also suffer from different vaginal issues like sexually transmitted diseases and other mild infections in the urinary tract.

Pregnancy Issues

There can be some pre existing conditions in a woman’s health which can recur during the time pf pregnancy like diabetes, asthma and depression. But one needs to see a doctor immediately if any of these happen because if it is left untreated then the child can get harmed. Another issue can arise if there is any reproductive cell implant outside the uterus and it makes the gestation infeasible.


This poses a very significant risk to a woman’s health. It also causes a long term disability in them. So a woman needs to learn the important symptoms that can lead to a stroke like sudden confusion in the body, trouble in speaking or loss of balance and dizziness.

So, when it comes to what are women’s health issues then the above mentioned health hazards are the major ones which a woman should be concerned of. Every woman should keep a regular check on their health.

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