Ollia Tzarina Needs To Be An Actress . Celebrity Faked Her Age To Gain The Trust Of Angel Investors.

Not so often do we hear about women lying about their age to be seen much much older than they really do we? Well, now we did and oh my what a story! Its like a James Bond movie. A little pretty girl Ollia Tzarina woke up one day and thought she was gonna conquer the world , she went out there and instead of having her dreams realized, she has realized something else: the world is full of sexism and ageism when you are a beautiful young girl of a tender 20 y. o , not one investor is taking you seriously, your peers laugh at you and tell you to stick to partying. This is exactly what happened to the now-famous Ollia 

A story of grand ambitions and dreams she was not going to pass on, and taking a consistent ‘no’ for no answer, she has decided to add almost 8 years to her bio and went for it. She approached a London based investor who figured out she was too inexperienced and young to be trusted with financing , which made her seek investment for the new celeb-favorite brand Tzarina By Ollia with her own father. The gamble paid off, but the problem remained. Ollia had a lot of issues with distributors, who were all telling her she was too young and to basically go and get more experience. How crazy? Why do people consider age to be so important in the world of business ? If it was a young man , nobody would question his ability, but with a young girl? So Ollia stuck to her story. At the moment she is 27 years old and after being exposed by the London investor she has explained that adding years has actually benefited her, she was taken seriously and had doors opened for her. Her brand Tzarina By Ollia has been sold for a massive figure that allowed her to purchase an apartment near Monte Carlo and buy argan fields in Morocco. Tzarina By Ollia has been a favourite with every single massive star in LA. From Kylie Jenner to Mary J Blige. Now Ollia is concentrating on organic skincare brand that is in the partnership with the one and only celebrity doctor in NYC Nicholas Toscano , he is responsible for smiles of such supermodels as Giselle and Candice Swanepoel.

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